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Welcome to ADAMAS Sport, a leading international boxing promoter that is committed to promoting the art of boxing through our team of talented boxers and upscale events. Founded by Mehdi AMEUR and Nathalie Lacroix, Mehdi who has been passionate about sports since his days as an athlete, and Nathalie’s legal knowledge in sports has also enabled her to establish strong connections within the sporting community providing ADAMAS Sport with numerous opportunities.

We have faith in the strength of boxing as a sport and aim to be part of the upcoming generation of boxers who will shape its future.

We take great pride in being a promoter of top-level international boxers, and we are equally committed to promoting female talent in boxing. Our team includes impressive female boxers who have honed their skills through discipline, resilience, constancy, and attitude.

Boxing is a noble sport with a range of opportunities for growth and development. At ADAMAS Sport, we seek to diversify and create unique experiences for our audience through boxing series that offer an entrepreneurial or business environment community, luxury, and exclusive entertainment.

Our events are built around memorable dinners, shows, live music performances, and being part of a Top-Tier Boxing Anthology, making them an unforgettable experience for everyone.

With over 10 years of experience in this industry, we take pride in supporting our boxers during and after their careers and helping them stay their best selves. We are committed to bringing inclusivity, innovation, and entertainment to boxing, and we partner with the world’s largest media partners to bring iconic nights to the sport.

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Mehdi Ameur is a professional rugby player, he has been in the sport for 25 years. During his professional career he has always had a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

His passion for boxing goes back to his youngest age, the values of rugby as team spirit, effort, commitment, respect led him to become a reference as promotor in the Noble Art (English boxing) in Europe. Through his sports experience, he knows how important it is to have a team that promotes the career of athletes and gives them a real career plan combined with the present and the future.


Nathalie Lacroix is a Legal Adviser, she has a Master’s Degree in Law and she graduated from ESADE a Master’s Degree in International Business.

After over 15 years of successful experience as an International Business Director and a Legal Advisor in private banking and corporate finance, she decided to create ADAMAS with Mehdi Ameur.

She has extensive experience in negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts and in complexfile management in Sport Industry.